Contraception Education: Abstinence

Well Elderly Project: In Case of Emergency

Communication & Collaboration

During the third semester of Auburn University's Nursing School, the curriculum focused on communication with other members of the health care team and patients by utilizing information technologies such as posters, pamphlets, and therapeutic collaboration to provide patient centered care and reinforce patient support networks.  


One project, the Contraceptive Education Handout, exemplifies layman health care literacy by providing informative teachings in an easy to understand format.  Patients of all demographics are able to access the information because of the simple sentence structure and lack of confusing medical jargon.  Providing patients with the most accessible information is a skill all nurses must utilize to positively impact patient understanding and outcomes.  The handout was shared among relevant, at risk patients and health care providers to distribute to clients.


Another assignment, the Well Elderly Project, focuses on communication and collaboration with patient support systems in case of emergency (ICE).  The project involved teaching and assisting with the implementation of the ICE contact method to elderly patients.  The patients were thrilled to receive technological help and were relieved to know their most important contacts would be apparent to health care workers in an emergency situation.