While working as a nurse within a long term care psychiatric facility, a resident with a history of violent aggression physically assaulted me. I froze in panic. Thankfully the situation resolved without injury. The next day I became a student at a local mixed martial arts school. I determined Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) was the best fit for me due to its safe utilization of ground technique and joint manipulation.

Originally seeking exercise and an education in self defense, I now compete in national and regional BJJ competitions and teach classes at Auburn Jiu-Jitsu in Auburn, AL. I never expected the benefits procured from my practice.



2021 North American Grappling Federation, Gold medalist

Destin, FL

"Pre-jitsu" is designed for beginners and those at home considering enrolling at a BJJ gym. Pre-jitsu brings practical solo yang yoga and martial arts techniques and drills to the privacy of your own home. My goal is to get more people of all ages and ability levels involved with BJJ as a holistic exercise to improve mental and physical health. I want to work with you where you are to expand your mobility, physical comfort, level of exercise, and health, and arm you with tools to fight back against predators, depression, anxiety, body dysmorphia, excess weight, stagnation, and more. Join your first pre-jitsu class for free!

American Grappling Federation 2021 Georgia State Champion

American Grappling Federation 2021 U.S. Nationals, Silver medalist

Jungle Jitsu, Ayahuasca Foundation, Iquitos, Peru

American Grappling Federation 2021 Georgia State Champion