“Life is a splendid gift - there is nothing small about it.” 
― Florence Nightingale
Y'all enjoy the best portrait I've ever

Sunrise over Mt. Agung

Highest point on Bali, Indonesia

My long term goals include

  • Completing an accredited terminal practitioner program with focus in psychedelic studies

  • Conducting clinical research on the effect of psilocybin on suicidal ideation

  • Expanding education & safe access to psychedelic/plant medicines

  • Uniting the international psychedelic nursing network through IAPN

  • Improving sustainable healthcare uniform options

  • Determining effective clinical software technologies optimized for use in the holistic medicine setting 

In alignment with holistic nursing care practices first implemented by Florence Nightingale, I have long term visions of a health care system that is expanded to include psychedelic medicines and other holistic healing modalities such as yoga, sound healing, gardening, art, Reiki, and meditation. I aim to impact change in nursing practice standards and nationally recognized specialties of nursing based in clinical evidence to support the health and well being of the suffering psychiatric population.

Some of my personal life goals include joining the Kodokan, mastering Reiki on Mount Kurama, studying yoga in Rishikesh, Krav maga in Israel, and Brazilian jiu jitsu in Rio de Janeiro.



Salkantay Trail Overlook

Sacred Valley, Peru