Critical Thinking & Clinical Judgement


An important component of Auburn Nursing School is simulated patient experiences.  Each realistic scenario allowed for the practice of critical thinking skills before applying them to real life clinical practice.  In the last semester of nursing school, I participated in Synergistic Medical and Resource Training.  Each of the high risk scenarios required safe and compassionate decision making in a timely manner.  Nurses are responsible for ensuring positive patient outcomes and safety.  These simulations increased my confidence and exposed my weaknesses in clinical judgement as I prepare to practice as a new nurse.


One assignment, the Macro Level Impact of Nursing formal paper, expanded my viewpoint of ethical decision making of the individual worker in the clinical setting.  The paper focuses on the ethical outlook of mandatory vaccinations for health care workers.  This paper utilized intensive critical thinking skills; I frequently found myself as an advocate for both sides of the dilemma.  Controversial health care topics necessitate more in depth critical thinking and decision making capabilities to ensure desired patient centered outcomes are achieved without infringing on personal rights of the health care worker.


Another assignment, the Care Delivery Systems paper, focuses on the macro system view of psychiatric health care delivery and finances.  This paper addresses the current state of the psychiatric health care delivery system and potential solutions to current financial discrepancies.




Psychiatric Care Delivery System Paper

Ethics of Mandatory Vaccinations for Nurses Paper

Simulation Lab Exercise