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Nontraditional Kinship: Grandparents as Parents Paper


​​An important aspect of nursing is providing culturally competent care.  By increasing awareness and exposure to diverse populations, nurses may deliver care with respect regardless of patient cultural background.


One nursing school field trip to the Veterans' Mental Health Summit promoted culturally sensitive care by increasing awareness of such a large and vulnerable veteran population.  The Mental Health Summit encouraged alternative therapies to opioid use to combat addiction and highlighted the suicide epidemic of veterans returning from war. 


Another nursing school field trip to Servants in Faith and Technology (SIFAT) promoted culturally competent nursing skills in impoverished regions.  SIFAT recognizes the need for basic physical, social, spiritual, and economic resources on a global scale and seeks to recruit nurses for international servitude.


In Auburn's Nursing Theory course, I chose the topic of nontraditional kinship for an assignment.  The paper discusses diverse nontraditional familial situations and promotes societal acceptance of children within such households.  Holistic based nursing practice is a core principle I wish to embody in my nursing career.