Population Health Promotion

The third semester of nursing school focuses heavily on community and public health promotion and disease prevention.  During this time, I was exposed to a variety of community health environments such as facilitating public health screenings at a farmers' market, an assisted living home, and a local pharmacy.  I also enjoyed educating and providing care to clients in the public health department and corrections facility settings,


A large portion of the semester was reserved for the Community Assessment Project.  In this assignment, student nurse groups designed and implemented projects that reached out to specific rural communities in regard to health issues that were both chronic and prevalent in the area.  The Community Assessment Project required research into population specific diseases and emphasized primary and secondary disease prevention.  My group focused on screening for stroke risk and educating clients on modifiable risk factors to manage the disease process. 

Rural Community Assessment Paper: Stroke Risk Screening & Education

Rural Community Assessment Presentation: Overview & Conclusion of Stroke Risk Screening

Promoting a Free Health Screening in the Community

Advocating Early Detection of Stroke Risk in Rural Communities